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Private Guest Night for Younger Guests (please see description)

Wednesday 17th of July 2024 17:30

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Middle Temple Hall


17:30 ~ Doors Open
17:55 ~ Doors Close for Lecture for Students
18:00 ~ Lecture (one hour)
18:45 ~ Hall/Bench arrive for Reception
19:00 ~ Students join the Reception
19:20 ~ Doors Close for Dinner
19:30 - Dinner

This event is expected to end at approximately 21:45

Dress code

Black Tie preferred

(with Gowns for all Members of the Inn)

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Event Details

With a sparkling reception and black tie dinner, Private Guest Night is one of the Inn’s grander events.

Out of the six Private Guest Nights the Inn organises each year, this evening promotes members to invite younger guests (18-35 years old), but other guests are welcome as well.

Students and transferring lawyers must attend the lecture before dinner (details below) in order to be awarded a Qualifying Session. Other Members and Guests are of course most welcome to attend too.

Please note there are certain rules and customs that members and guests are expected to observe when attending formal dinners at the Inn.  

Pre-dinner lecture

From Dr S. v to Verein Klimaseniorinnen Schweiz and Others: How did the European Court of Human Rights reach its first climate change decisions - a talk by Dr Irene Antonopoulos.
The first climate change related decisions by the European Court of Human Rights were delivered on 9 April 2024. In these three applications, the claimants alleged human rights violations due to the lack of sufficient steps towards tackling climate change. Only one out of three applications was successful. The European Court of Human Rights building on its established jurisprudence on environmental harm and human rights, provided a guide on its future approach to such claims.   Through these decisions, several procedural challenges faced by applicants in climate change cases, and State obligations as per the European Convention on Human Rights in the context of climate change, are clarified. The talk will reflect on the three decisions and whether they are signifying a development of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights. Additionally, the talk will cover how these three decisions are going to affect future decision making in the context of human rights and climate change. 

Dr Irene Antonopoulos joined Royal Holloway from De Montfort University in 2021. She has previously worked at the University of Surrey and the Council of Europe. Her work focuses on the interactions between human rights, migration and environmental degradation. Her recent research work includes the analysis of the human rights implications of the Agriculture Act 2020 and an examination of human rights obligations for the protection of 'climate migrants'.

Students and transferring lawyers need to attend the whole event including the lecture before dinner in order to claim a Qualifying Session. Other Members and Guests are of course most welcome to attend the lecture, or can attend the reception onwards.

Please note there are certain rules and customs that members and guests are expected to observe when attending formal dinners at the Inn.

Who can Attend

Student/Hall Members: Guests welcome, maximum three per member

Benchers: One guest per Bencher

Benchers may not invite their spouse as a guest unless he/she is a Bencher of another Inn. Others who may not be asked as guests are members of any Inn of less than 10 years’ standing without permission of the Treasurer; members of Middle Temple in practice other than ad eundem members; students of any Inn who are of less than five years’ standing; or students who intend to practise; a practising member of, or student in, the other branch of the legal profession, or employed therein, including clerks and clients.

Dietary Requirements

If you (or your guests) have any dietary requirements please ensure that you provide this information when you book tickets.  If you did not do so, please inform the Inn no later than 09:00 two working days before the event. 

If you (or your guests) are unsure about anything on the evening please speak to the events staff on duty.

Non-alcoholic alternatives will be provided on request.

Further details on dietary requirements

Qualifying Session Details

Further details of the QS Requirements and how to be credited with the QS for this session

Learning Aims

After this session, students should be able to:

  • Have an overview of the development of environment related cases decided by the European Court of Human Rights and how these have developed since 1969. 
  • Gain an understanding of the recent climate change related claims before the European Court of Human Rights and how they compare with climate change litigation in the context of human rights internationally. 
  • Evaluate the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights in climate change cases.
  • Understand the decisions in light of the threat of climate change, and how these should be viewed by future applicants that would like to raise climate change related claims before the Court. 

Links to the Professional Statement, wider workings of the Bar, administration of justice or a public interest matter

This session links to the wider workings of the bar and will give an insight into the environmental cases in the European Court of Human Rights.

View the BSB's Professional Statement

QS Feedback

If you have any feedback on a QS you have attended or have any suggestions for future sessions, please contact the education department on

Bookings and Cancellations

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Unless the event sells out earlier, booking will close at 09:00 two working days before the event. 


Where we have a waiting list we will offer your ticket to someone else, so please do cancel your ticket if you are no longer able to attend.

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Times and details for this event are subject to change. Please check this webpage for the most up to date information.