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Harassment Policy

As set out in our Statement of Values, all members of Middle Temple are expected to treat all those (whether members or staff or otherwise) involved or taking part in or delivering Middle Temple activities, facilities, services or events, with respect and dignity and not to subject them to harassment.

Unfortunately we are only too aware that people do experience inappropriate behaviour and language and sexual and other forms of harassment. Of particular concern to any responsible institution are the instances which indicate improper ingrained attitudes and abuses of power. At the other end of the scale there may be inadvertently inappropriate behaviour or remarks that can be more easily resolved.

The Inns have agreed a joint approach on how to deal with harassment - click here to see the Inns' of Court Anti-Harassment Policy.

Meanwhile, we recognise that some people may feel uncomfortable about raising concerns about such matters. Members are able to discuss any concerns they may have in complete confidence. We value our members and want them to feel comfortable and respected as members of the Inn’s professional community. If things are not going well, we need to know.

Should members need to raise any concerns please do contact any of the following:


They can help members to decide whether any action is appropriate, or just provide a sympathetic hearing and helpful advice on a confidential basis.


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