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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for strategic planning in relation to the support of the Inn for its members and the re-engagement by the Inn with them; including:

a)    encouraging and enhancing the use of the facilities and services of the Inn by all members of the Inn and their participation in events organised by the Inn through the development of social and re-connection programmes;

b)    development of social and professional facilities, services and events provided by the Inn for its members 

c)    liaison with the Hall Committee, the Middle Temple Young Barristers Association and the Middle Temple Students Association; and

d)    oversight of the provision and the quality of catering services

i)     development and advice on relevant policy (not education and training policy or any other regulatory matters) affecting members of the Inn of all seniority;

ii)    liaison with the Education Committee, Bar Council, Bar Standards Board and other external bodies on all relevant matters affecting the Bar;

iii)   monitoring and preparation of budgets relating to its responsibilities.

Full Committee membership is listed below.

Committee members

Name Position Start Date
Miss Christiane Valansot Committee Chairman of 1.1.2022
Mr Oliver Muncey Member of Staff of 1.4.2014
Rev Robin Griffith-Jones Co-Opted Committee Member of 1.1.2019
Miss Juliette Levy Committee Member of 1.1.2020
Miss Catherine Addy QC Committee Member of 1.1.2020
The Hon Mrs Justice Maura McGowan DBE Ex Officio Committee Member of 1.1.2020
Mrs Victoria Wallace DL Officer of the Inn of 6.7.2020
Mr Derrick Dale QC Committee Member of 1.1.2021
Lord David Lloyd-Jones Ex Officio Committee Member of 1.1.2021
Miss Anjali Keeping Co-Opted Committee Member of 1.10.2021
Mr Paul Darling OBE QC Ex Officio Committee Member of 1.1.2022
Miss Suzanne Ornsby QC Committee Member of 1.1.2022
Mr Alexander Macqueen Committee Member of 1.1.2022
Ms Helen Mahy CBE Vice-Chair of 1.1.2022
Mr Michael Jones QC Vice-Chair of 1.1.2022