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Contact the Education team

Below is a summary of the main areas that each member of the team is responsible for to help you contact the relevant person.

For education-related enquiries, email or call 020 7427 4800 (Option 1).

For general enquiries, ticket bookings/cancellations, or if you're not sure who to contact, email or call 020 7427 4800 (Option 1).

For admission queries, email

For Call queries, email

For scholarship queries, email

Jonny Boyd
Scholarships Officer
Scholarships and Prizes
Richard Frost
Outreach Officer & Disabilities Liaison for Outreach
020 7427 6392
Student tour requests, Open Days, Access to the Bar Scheme, disabled access and support, mental health first aid
Alexandra Stan
Student Records Officer
020 7427 5798
Student admissions
Sebastiano Ragusa
Treasury Office Administrator
020 7427 5795
Ticket bookings and cancellations, lodgings enquires, general enquiries - email
Geoff Brown
Education Services Coordinator (Advocacy Training)
020 7427 4811
Mooting, Advocacy Training Weekends (at York and Cumberland Lodge), Pupil Supervisor Training
Alex Baguley
Education Services Coordinator (Qualifying Sessions)
020 7427 4867
Qualifying sessions

Marion Kelly
Education Services Coordinator (Call to the Bar)

Call to the Bar

Alma Oparvar

Education Services Coordinator

Call to the Bar, Link Scheme
Rosalie Bower
Training Programme Manager
Post-Call training courses

Monica Parrondo

Education Administrator

Qualifying session attendance, the Mock Pupillage Interview Scheme and Marshalling scheme

Sally Yorke
Education Services Manager

Transferring Qualified Lawyer admissions, Call to the Bar, disciplinary matters
Christa Richmond
Director of Education
Education and Training programmes, policies and management

If you have any concerns or wish to make a complaint in relation to admission, Call or Qualifying Sessions, or any other matter which is part of the Education Department’s responsibilities, please contact Christa Richmond, Director of Education.