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Event Recordings

We record a range of events, talks, lectures, mock trials and discussions.

Recordings of some of these events may be made available on this page for a limited time for members of the Inn to watch.

Please note that watching a recording does not count as a Qualifying Session.


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Improving Your Communication Skills Part 2 - the Clerks’ Room - Survive & Thrive and the Talent Retention Working Group Improving Your Communication Skills Part 2 - the Clerks’ Room - Survive & Thrive and the Talent Retention Working Group Effective and constructive communication is essential in the workplace. It is the foundation for good teamwork, professional growth and an inclusive culture. We were delighted to entice Dr Anna Colton back to continue our series of events on how we can create more successful and enduring relationships at all levels by improving communication. This session focussed on communication between clerks and barristers.
Survive & Thrive | Aggrieved – Exploring the Relationship Between Grief and Working in Legal World Tuesday 5 March 2024 This was a panel event at which the speakers, who work within the legal profession, discussed their personal experiences of grief and how that interacts with their practices.   Host: Georgia-Mae Chung     Panellists:   Houzla Rawat   Isabel Bertschinger   Sarah Lucy Cooper   Sashi Schaffter
Professor Sir John Baker, The Elizabethan Middle Temple and the Rule of Law from 6th November. In his Treasurer's Lecture, Professor Sir John Baker will focus on the Elizabethan Middle Temple and the Rule of Law. High among the profession's achievements during the period of the Hall's construction was the establishment of public law as we know it. The familiar landmarks in the history of public law are parliamentary – the Petition of Right 1628, the Habeas Corpus Act 1679 and the Bill of Rights 1689. Important as legislative statements and amplifications, they were predicated on an older common law.
Survive & Thrive | Leading Counsel; Counsel Leading his Survive & Thrive session covered:   The qualities which make a good leader
Philosophy and the Law | Criminal Justice and Social (In)Justice – 18 October 2023 Professor Nicola Lacey & William Godwin KC - Criminal Justice and Social (In)Justice
Bench Call Prior to dinner for Benchers and members of the Inn there is a ceremony to Call elected members to the Bench. The Callees are Called to the Bench, then asked to take their place at the High Table. After dinner each new Bencher gives a short speech.  Callees (in order of seniority): Lord Parker of Minsmere GCVO KCB (The Lord Chamberlain) Professor Emily Jackson OBE The Hon Mr Justice James Mellor Marcia Shekerdemian KC Veronique Buehrlen KC Nneka Akudolu KC
Bench Call 18 April 2023 Bench Call is a dinner for Benchers and members of the Inn at which there is a ceremony to Call elected members to the Bench. The Callees are Called to the Bench before dinner, then asked to take their place at the High Table. After dinner, each new Bencher gave a short speech. Callees: Dame Susan Glazebrook Louise di Mambro OBE Thomas Grant KC Oliver Glasgow KC Adam Speker KC
Treasurer's Lecture | The Rt Hon Lord Burrows Treasurer's Lecture | The Rt Hon Lord Burrows In his lecture, Master Burrows examines aspects of the work of a Supreme Court Justice that may not be fully appreciated from the outside. Matters of substantive law (e.g. statutory interpretation and the law/fact distinction) are looked at as well as aspects of practice within the Court (e.g. the process for producing judgments).  
Reader's Feast | Master Peter Susman Reader's Feast | Master Peter Susman Crypto need not be Cryptic: An Explanation As Lent Reader 2023, Master Susman delivers a non-technical explanation of the workings of crypto currency, crypto tokens and their implications in law. 
Climate Anxiety and the Environmentally Conscious Lawyer Climate Anxiety and the Environmentally Conscious Lawyer | Anouchka Grose and Estelle Dehon KC | A Survive & Thrive event 'Climate anxiety' is a widely observed and understood phenomenon, stemming from the feeling that tackling the crisis can feel overwhelming. Equipping people with tools that allow them to make small and achievable changes and feel proactive can help to combat this. This event will focus on what 'climate anxiety' is and strategies that barristers can adopt, big and small, short and long-term, to make their legal practice more sustainable.
The Selden Society and Four Inns of Court Annual Legal History Lecture 1 Nov 2022 1622 The King's Prerogative - 2022 The Prime Minister's Prerogative The Rt. Hon. the Lord Judge of Draycote will examine the constitutional struggles in the early part of the 17th Century and will suggest that there are a number of disturbing parallels today. He will argue that, notwithstanding the sovereignty of Parliament, the steady accumulation and use of political and prerogative powers by recent Prime Ministers would have delighted the early Stuart kings and confounded Parliamentarians like Edward Coke and John Selden.
Treasurer's Lecture 07 November 2022 Master Jones is a senior consultant in public and constitutional law at Linklaters LLP, and was previously Treasury Solicitor and head of the Government Legal Department. He explored recent and potential developments in public and constitutional law, including judicial review, human rights and the rule of law, and the implications of the change of Prime Minister and government.
Treasurers Lecture 10 October 2022 Master Anderson, a cross-bench peer since 2018, will give a first-hand impression of how our laws are made, with particular reference to the recent work of the House of Lords. He will reflect on the composition and constitutional role of the House, the legislative process, the quality of our statute law and what participation in the legislature has taught him about the vital legal skill of statutory interpretation.
Survive & Thrive: The Confidence Trick How to Play, How to Win: 30 June 2022 A Talent Retention and Survive & Thrive event with Dr Anna Colton and Jessica Chivers
Pandemic and Practice: Australasia: 27 June 2022 Following an introduction from the Chair, Master Jonathan Baker, the guest speakers will provide their experiences of the impact of Covid-19 on the use of Courts in their respective Jurisdictions, how Australia and New Zealand responded to the challenges posed (at a Judicial, Court & Court Administration, operational and practitioner level), what has been achieved and what new developments will be kept moving forwards.
Medical decision-making on behalf of young children: Is it time to move to a significant harm threshold?: 27 May 2022 In recent years, a series of high-profile disputes between the parents of very ill children and their child's medical practitioners have made their way through the courts. In such cases – which include among them that of Charlie Gard, Alfie Evans, Tafida Raqeeb and  Alta Fixsler -- all parties believe that the course of action they favour is what is best for the child, yet those parties cannot reach agreement. The question thus arises, of who should have the ultimate say over a child's medical treatment? 
Treasurer's Lecture | A Conversation with The Hon Rosalie Abella and Lord Dyson: 25 April 2022 A wonderful opportunity to hear from two retired Supreme Court justices from two different jurisdictions in order to explore what they think the judicial role is and why it matters;  how it should be performed in a democracy; what the relationship is between courts and legislatures; how the courts (and the rest of the profession) can protect and promote public confidence in the justice system; how judges can balance staying knowledgeable about social realities and change,  while respecting the importance of precedent and stability; what role did comparative/international law play in your ju
Bench Call: Tuesday 5 April 2022 Bench Call is a dinner for Benchers and members of the Inn at which there is a ceremony to Call elected members to the Bench. The Callees are Called to the Bench before dinner, then asked to take their place at the High Table. After dinner each new Bencher gave a short speech: Callees: Sir Elliott Mottley KCMG QC The Hon Mrs Justice Fatmatta Bintu Alhadi Scott Maidment Will Kenyon The Rt Hon The Lord Darroch of Kew KCMG
Author's Reading | Colin Yeo He will be reading from his book "Welcome to Britain: Fixing Our Broken Immigration System". The book discusses the UK immigration system and how immigration, migration and free movement are treated in the English legal system. 
American Corporate Law With the interwoven global economy and close economic ties between the United Kingdom and the United States, UK barristers may well have reason to represent, or litigate against, American corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships or other business entities.  The complexities of American business law, which is a mixed system of federal and state regulation, may be daunting at first.  The goal of this lecture is to present some basic concepts in American corporate law to a Middle Temple audience, in hopes that listeners will approach their next encounter with an American
Survive & Thrive: Thriving in the Profession in Adversity Timothy Dutton CBE QC, Chairman of the Bar Council in 2008, and Head of Chambers at Fountain Court from 2008-13, was Called to the Bench in 2003. In this talk, moderated by Master Etherington, Master Dutton will speak to his own experience of thriving in the profession in adversity.
Violence Against Women & Girls & the Criminal Justice System A Sherrard Conversation between Harriet Wistrich and Master Nicky Padfield. Recorded Monday 22 November 2021.
Middle Temple Historical Society: England’s Other Countrymen Dr. Nubia will elucidate how concepts of “race” in the Tudor Period were far more nuanced and more progressive to use today’s parlance than we previously have been led to believe. He will speak to some themes within his book, England’s Other Countrymen, Black Tudor Society, that evidence that many of the ideas associated with modern racist ideology are in fact relatively recent development, and what lessons the past can teach us today about combating racism.
Use of Rhetroic in Advocacy This QS will explore the rhetorical devices used in advocacy, examining classical notions of rhetoric and rhetorical devices used in modern speeches as an aid to discovering how such devices may be used effectively in civil, criminal and family advocacy.
How to Survive and Thrive in Uncertainty: Leveraging the Power of Doubt In today’s “VUCA” world, chasing certainty is futile no matter how much our brains crave it. We must find comfort in the discomfort of uncertainty to be impactful as leaders and advisors. Professor Smets addresses this challenge by considering how to leverage the power of doubt as a catalyst for better decision-making, greater personal resilience and better client relationships.
Sherrard Conversation | Teaching Advocacy in Apartheid and Post-Apartheid South Africa A conversation between Master Richard Wilmot-Smith (Treasurer 2018) and Master Kenneth Broun about Master Broun’s work in advocacy teaching. Can advocacy be taught? How it is taught? What has his experience been of good advocacy. How do student and teacher learn from one another?   This discussion will be framed by his experience of advocacy teaching to young black lawyers in South Africa from 1986 under Apartheid, and after.  Recorded on Monday 7 June 2021.
Practising in Extradition Julian Assange, in the last several months, and, before him, Lauri Love, Roman Polankshy, Gary McKinnon, Shrien Dewani, Babar Ahmed, The Natwest Three bankers, and Augusto Pinochet. Each has fought a request for their extradition. Each has gripped press headlines. But just how complex can an area of law be when it is solely governed by one Act of Parliament, the Extradition Act 2003? 
Reader's Feast: In honour of Master John Mitchell In March 2021 the Inn’s Lent Reader, His Honour John Mitchell, very sadly passed away. Master Mitchell was a dedicated Bencher and committed advocacy trainer and moot judge. He thoroughly enjoyed his time as Lent Reader, and his kindness and support will be remembered by generations of students. Master Treasurer, Andrew Hochhauser QC, and Mass Ndow-Njie, delivered the reading in honour of Master Mitchell, focusing on the life of Thomas Chester, believed to be the first African American to be Called to the English Bar. Recorded Wednesday 23 June 2021.
Members of the Inns and Movements for Independence This will be a high level review of the parts played by members of the Inns and independence movements in British Colonies. Participants in the QS will be asked whether the training at, or the culture of, the Inns was in any way causative of those movements and their success. Recorded on Thursday 6 May 2021. Presented by Master Blunt.
Internet Advocacy: Remote but not detached Whether it’s cross examining a witness, addressing a Judge, Jury or Interview panel, appearing on screen is a slightly different proposition to being in a room. In this session we’ll examine how to take your existing skills and apply them to an online context.  Presented by Ishan Kolhatkar. Recorded Monday 10 May 2021.
Fabulosa: The Story of Polari, Britain’s secret gay language LGBTQ+ Forum recorded Monday 17 May 2021. In this talk Professor Paul Baker celebrates Polari, the camp language of gay men.
Middle Temple Historical Society: Edmund Burke and his Legacy Edmund Burke was not only an Anglo-Irish parliamentarian, statesman, orator and political philosopher who still has some political influence, he was also a Middle Templar. His biographer, Professor Bourke, will challenge us to rethink his legacy. Professor Richard Bourke FBA, Professor of the History of Political Thought at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Kings College. Recorded on Wednesday 31 March 2021
Civility in Court and the Art of e-Advocacy As professional advocates, what are the qualities that we most hope for in our tribunal? What happens when a judge’s personality takes the lead in a less-than-positive way and advocates are left wondering whether they’ve done something to offend the judge, or they feel unable to object to unreasonable demands placed on them by the judge during a case? What should you do when you find yourself against an opponent who is unnecessarily aggressive, hostile or a bully?
Employed Bar Steering Group Webinar Series: Master Jonathan Jones In Conversation In this one-hour webinar Master Jonathan Jones, former Treasury Solicitor and Permanent Secretary, discusses and reflects on his career advising the most senior levels of government, the challenges posed by Brexit, being a lawyer in the public service, and more.
Treasurer's Lecture - Difference, Inclusion & Belonging In order to mark International Women's Day, Master Mullally will discuss the core values that are needed to improve diversity, inclusion and belonging at the Bar; plus, the possible challenges we face along the way. Recorded Monday 8 March 2021.
The Stark Reality of LGBTQ Law around the Globe & Gay Life and Law in 1980s Britain This talk by Middle Temple LGBTQ+ Forum focused on two separate items. 1) Legal issues facing the LGBTQ+ community outside of England and Wales. 2) Using the recent Channel 4 series 'It’s A Sin' as a springboard for looking at the historico-legal development of LGBTQ legislation and policy in England and Wales in the 1980s and the impact of those events today.
Treasurer's Lecture: Pro Bono - Part of Being a Barrister Introduction by Master Treasurer, Andrew Hochhauser QC. With The Hon Mr Justice Robin Knowles and Rebecca Wilkie, CEO of Advocate, followed by a Q&A. If you would like to get involved in pro bono work, we recommend getting in touch with one of the many organisations listed here. They are all, always grateful for volunteers, as are the judges before whom pro bono advocates appear.
Practising as an Advocate in Overseas Jurisdictions Master Audrey Campbell-Moffat discusses the benefits and opportunities open to those that wish to practice as an advocate overseas. Recorded on Tuesday 09 February 2021.
Accidental Discrimination in the Conflict of Laws Gerhard Dannemann is a professor of English Law, British Economy and Politics at Humboldt University, Berlin. In this session he discusses accidental discriminations in the conflict of laws. Recorded on Thursday 04 February 2021.
Why Don't More Women Appeal? Naima Sakande of the organisation APPEAL, in conversation with Master Nicola Padfield, discusses why so few women appeal. Recorded on Thursday 28 January 2021.
The Heart Balm Torts, an American Anachronism Judge Matthew Martin, in conversation with Joshua Xerri, discusses the contentious Heart Balm Torts. Recorded Monday 25 January.
Employed Bar Working Group: Autumn Webinar Series - 3. From Bar to Boardroom Thursday 3 December 2020
Taking Stock and Looking Forward The Hamlyn Lecture 2020 with Eleanor Sharpston QC. Chaired by Lord Anderson of Ipswich KBE QC on Monday 23 November 2020.
Treasurer’s Lecture – The Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH – The State We’re In Introduction by The Rt Hon Sir Brian Leveson, Master Treasurer of The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple. Monday 9 November 2020 (recorded Wednesday 4 November 2020).
Employed Bar Steering Group: Autumn Webinar Series - 2. Applying For Silk from the Employed Bar Tuesday 3 Novemeber 2020
MTYBA & MTSA Black History Month Celebration This session was run by MTYBA and MTSA with testimonies from prominent black members of the Bar.  Recorded Monday 19 October 2020. 
Employed Bar Steering Group: Autumn Webinar Series - 1. Developing Your Career at the Employed Bar Recorded Tuesday 13 October 2020
Innocent Until Proven Guilty? A MTYBA Black Lives Matter Conversation
Survive & Thrive 13 November 2019 Judge: Friend or Foe
The Prisons Crisis: What’s gone wrong and how to fix it Treasurer's Lecture by Professor Nick Hardwick. Recorded on 4 November 2019.
Law & Politics: A Reply to Reith The Dame Frances Patterson Memorial Lecture by Baroness Hale of Richmond DBE PC. Recorded on 8 October 2019.
East West Street: A Song of Good & Evil Treasurer's Lecture by Professor Philippe Sands accompanied on piano by Guillaume de Chassy. Recorded on 7 October 2019.
Survive & Thrive 17 October 2018 Understanding body language and how to create the ‘golden halo’ effect.
Writing the History of One's Own Times​ Guest Lecture by The Rt Hon Lord Hennessy. Recorded on 8 October 2018.
What Price Sovereignty? A personal view of Brexit Guest Lecture by The Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP. Recorded on 19 March 2018.
The Master Treasurer's Lecture on 'The Future of the Inn' Master Treasurer, The Rt Hon The Lord Judge, delivering his lecture on ‘The Future of the Inn’ on 14 July 2014.