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Disabled Access & Support

Middle Temple endeavours to make the Inn and as many of its buildings, facilities, services and publications as accessible and as inclusive as possible for all of its guests and members.

Disabilities Liaison & Feedback

If you have concerns about your ability to access any part of the Inn's buildings, facilities, services publications or resources, or if you would like to request support, please email the Diversity & Inclusion coordinator Laura Hacon.

The Inn is committed to improving access to all its services and encourages members to get in touch with suggestions and feedback on how we can improve. If you feel your experience using the website or attending one of our events could be improved email Laura . Your suggestions will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Events & Education Support

Support at the Inn's membership and educational events can include but is not limited to:

Alternative versions of printed material (e.g. on coloured paper or large print versions).

Transcriptions of lectures and talks.

Text to speech friendly versions of electronic documents.

Hearing loop support for lectures and talks in Hall.

Sign language interpretation.



Middle Temple Library


Middle Temple Library has a suite of equipment to support members with disabilities. For enquiries please contact


Disabled Parking

Disabled parking is available in Brick Court car park. However additional spaces can be reserved upon request. Please contact Front of House Supervisor, Paul Parkes via 07447 590353 or via email.


Building Access

The Middle Temple has been engaged in a programme of works for a number of years intended to provide step free access into and around our buildings thereby making them accessible to all.

The Ashley Building, including the Library, the Archive and the Treasury Office. There is a ramp giving access to the lower level lobby and the lift has been adapted to travel from this level to all six floors.

Pavements around the inn have been adapted to provide dropped kerbs and studded paviors have been laid to assist the visually impaired locate crossing points.

New signs have been made and put up adjacent to all entrances to the Inn to assist visitors to locate the parts of the Inn they wish to visit.

New entrances have been formed into the rear of 2-3 Pump Court and the rear of the Queen Elizabeth Building (which also benefits from having an accessible toilet for the disabled) giving full wheelchair access into and through 1 – 4 Pump Court and QEB.  

The Inn is seeking to agree with Heritage England and the City of London, adapting the entrances to 4 Brick Court and the adjacent 5 Essex Court to provide step free access.

The entrance to Lamb Building has already been adapted to provide step free access as has Blackstone House, Fountain Court and 35 Essex Street.

The redevelopments works which have just commenced at 1 & 2 Garden Court will provide lifts at either end of the building thereby giving full access from QEB through into Fountain Court.

It is our intention to continue this programme of works to provide step free whilst recognising that in some cases due to the Listing of the buildings, their design and layout present clear challenges.

The Inn, in its capacity as a Local Authority, is required to publish on its website a policy statement covering these items. The 2013 Accessibility Access Statement sets out in some detail how far we have progressed on these matters to date. It will be revised annually to take account of any works which have been undertaken or are planned and to ensure compliance with future changes in legislation.

Middle Temple has carried out a programme of adapting its buildings to improve accessibility and, where possible, ramps or platform lifts have been installed to building entrances and internal lifts modified with wider doors, tactile buttons and voice indication.

Lamb Building entrance
Lamb Building Entrance
Passenger hoist adjacent to Hall entrance
Passenger hoist adjacent to Hall entrance

The Inn continues to look at new ways to modify its buildings, with the most recent involving the formation of a new entrance into 2/3 Pump Court and modification of the internal lift. This project was combined with the linking together of adjacent buildings and rationalisation of accommodation to allow the maximum number of tenants to benefit from the new entrance.

2/3 Pump Court - new entrance from Elm Court
2/3 Pump Court - new entrance from Elm Court