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Middle Temple Wellbeing Policy

Our members inherently face very specific challenges on a daily basis. Practising as a barrister carries with it a nature and level of stress that has an impact on both professional and personal life. In recognition of these pressures and the impact they carry, Middle Temple has committed to providing guidance, information and help to its members in creating and sustaining safe and healthy working environments.

Middle Temple produces a bi-monthly wellbeing newsletter. Within the newsletter you will find details of upcoming wellbeing events and initiatives, as well as updates from the Bar Council’s Wellbeing at the Bar programme.

Middle Temple will promote and protect the wellbeing of its membership at individual, organisational and professional levels. We will seek to enable members to create and contribute to healthy working environments for themselves, colleagues and employees, to benefit from healthy working practices. We will provide members with appropriate information and support through the services we offer:

1.         The Inns of Court Alliance for Women

2.         The LGBTQ+ Forum

3.         The Mentoring Scheme

4.         The Pre-Pupillage Wellbeing Assistance Programme

5.         The Sponsorship Scheme

6.         The Survive & Thrive Programme

7.         Talent Retention Scheme


1.         To develop a supportive culture for members and address factors that may negatively affect mental wellbeing

2.         Reduce discrimination, exclusion, and stigma by increasing awareness, and understanding of all forms of disability, making reasonable adjustments and providing support.

3.         Give members information on, and increase their awareness of, mental wellbeing

4.         Give non-judgmental and pro-active support to members that experience mental health problems

5.         Include information about our mental health policy to students at introductory weekends

6.         Provide opportunities for members to look after their mental wellbeing

7.         Offer services and events to help support members throughout their professional lives and promote work-life balance

8.         Distribute and keep members up to date with information and resources from the Bar Council’s Wellbeing at the Bar programme, and Wellness for Law