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Major Scholarships - award names

The following Major Scholarships, i.e. scholarships for the BPTC and GDL years, are awarded:

The Queen’s Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to the single best candidate who demonstrates exceptional promise.

Queen Mother’s Scholarship
This fund is intended to assist outstanding candidates.

Diplock Scholarships
These scholarships are awarded from a legacy from Master Diplock, a Lord of Appeal. They are, where possible, given to those who, like Master Diplock, have graduated in a subject other than law.

Harmsworth and Astbury Scholarships
These scholarships were set up by Lord Rothermere, an honorary Bencher, and by Master Astbury, a Lord Justice of Appeal. The Astbury awards are for members of Oxford and Cambridge universities only.

Jules Thorn Scholarships
These were established by the generosity of Sir Jules Thorn, an honorary Bencher.

Benefactors’ Scholarships
The Inn's Charities Common Fund includes a number of what were once separate funds.  Some awards will be made in the names which those funds originally carried or to recognise the generosity of more recent donors.  

Please note that as of 2016 all BPTC award names have been rationalised and any which were previously called 'award', 'prize' or 'bursary'  have been renamed 'scholarship' , e.g. the Blackstone Award is now the Blackstone Scholarship.

These named scholarships include; 

  • Atkin Chambers Scholarship
  • Blackstone Scholarship
  • Brick Court Chambers Scholarship                                
  • Connor Scholarship                                          
  • Cunningham Scholarship
  • Gardiner Scholarship
  • Godfrey Heilpern Memorial Scholarship
  • H.R. Light Scholarship
  • HHJ Paul Clark Scholarship             
  • Hubert Monroe Scholarship             
  • J B Montagu Scholarship
  • Jamieson Scholarship
  • Jerry Parthab Singh Scholarship
  • Joseph Jackson Scholarship
  • Lowry Calvert Scholarship                    
  • Luboshez Scholarship
  • Malcolm Wright Scholarship 
  • Melissa McDermott Scholarship 
  • Mona de Piro Scholarship                 
  • Nicholas Pumfrey Memorial Scholarship
  • Pump Court Tax Chambers Scholarship       
  • Quatercentenary Scholarship
  • Robert Garraway Rice Scholarship
  • Rose Scholarship
  • Rosina Hare Scholarship
  • Safford Scholarship
  • Sir Christopher Benson Scholarship
  • Sir Joseph Cantley Memorial Scholarship
  • Sir Robert Micklethwait Memorial Scholarship
  • South Square Chambers Scholarship
  • Stanley Levy Memorial Scholarship
  • State School Scholarship                                
  • Terence Fitzgerald Scholarship
  • Winston Churchill Scholarship

Although all awards are made on the basis of merits, some of these benefactors scholarships may have additional criteria attached to them; for example, the State School Scholarship is for state-school educated candidates and the Malcolm Wright Scholarship for those whose upbringing has fallen mainly on one parent or guardian.

Diana, Princess of Wales Scholarship
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Scholarships

Three awards in total are available for candidates who are specially deserving of financial assistance, whether because of serious disadvantage or for any other obstacle that he or she may face or have faced in qualifying as a barrister. In selecting the successful candidates, emphasis will be placed on his or her character and ability to overcome adversity, in addition to the other interview criteria.

Readers' Scholarship

To honour the ancient office which they have held, recent Readers have set up the Readers' Scholarship. This has been awarded since 2015.

Past Scholarships

Below are the names of scholarships that have been awarded in previous years;

  • The Lord Lowry Scholarship
  • 3-4 South Square Chambers Scholarship
  • R.E. & Florence Cooper Award