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Middle Temple Statement of Values

  • Middle Temple aims to be welcoming and make members and guests feel at home.
  • We believe in treating our fellow members, staff and visitors with dignity and respect.
  • We should always consider how our words and actions may be interpreted by others and be sensitive to their perception and opinions. even if they may differ from our own.
  • We believe in equality, irrespective of individual characteristics, including gender, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, age, disability and social background.
  • We believe that a thriving Bar is vital to society.
  • To maintain a thriving Bar we consider that we must help attract talented people from all parts of our rich and diverse society.
  • We want the membership of Middle Temple to be reflective of society and support proper steps to increase our membership from underrepresented groups.
  • We consider that these values support our role in maintaining public confidence in the Rule of Law, in supporting the Bar and an independent judiciary.