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Document Delivery Service

The Library offers a document delivery service to members of the Inns of Court who require documents remotely. ​Priority will be given to requests made for judicial purposes.

The service runs from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday. During regular opening hours, staff will do their best to provide a turn-around time of two hours, depending on the size of the request and the order in which it was received.

Please ensure you make your request to one Inn library only; the Library will not respond to duplicate requests.


How To Request Items


All requests must be made using a Copyright Declaration form. The simplest and easiest way to request copies or scans is by clicking below and completing the form.



Direct any questions regarding this service to:


What Are The Charges?


First request, up to 25 pages

£6 + VAT

Additional request, over 25 pages

5p per page + VAT

Student Discount50%

If you are a student, make sure to inform us of your student status on your request form.

Please note that non-payment of services means before you can make a new request you will be required to settle any remaining balances and pay upfront for new requests.

If you are requesting this material for pro bono or charity/non-profit work please get in touch as we may be able to waive charges.


What Can Be Photocopied?


The current legislation allows copies to be taken only:

(i) for the purpose of specific judicial proceedings existing at the time that the copies are made; or

(ii) for researchers or students requiring copies for their own personal research, for non-commercial purposes or private study, on the understanding that one copy only will be made of one extract from any one work, and such copy is to be solely for the use of the member requesting it, who shall retain it in his/her possession

For works in copyright, copying of books and loose-leafs is restricted to one chapter or up to 5% (whichever is greater) of the whole, of journals to a single article from any one issue, of law reports to one law report from any one issue. For further details, consult the government's website on Intellectual Property.

Please note that, because of their age and condition, some publications cannot be copied.