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Other Prizes

BPTC Results Prizes

At the discretion of the Scholarships and Prizes Committee, prizes are awarded for outstanding results of the Bar Professional Training Course.  No application need be made for these prizes.

* Please note * - these prizes cannot be awarded until all BPTC results have been received from the BPTC institutes, which can be as late as December.

Baron Dr Ver Heyden de Lancey Prize - £150 for the best Middle Temple student on each of the courses.

Certificates of Honour - £100 for each Middle Temple student graded ‘outstanding’.

The following prizes of £100 each may be awarded to Middle Temple students in the top 5% on their course:

  • JJ Powell Prize
  • Campbell Foster Prize
  • Chrystal Macmillan Prize
  • Sachs Prize

Mooting Prizes

The following prizes of a wig and gown are given to the finalists of the Middle Temple Mooting competition:

  • The Ede & Ravenscroft Prize
  • The Eric Padmore Prize
  • The Gottlieb Prize
  • The Caroline Lester Prize