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COVID-19 Update (07/09/21): We plan to reopen the Marshalling Scheme on 13 September 2021, so please do not submit an application form until this time. Any updates to this information will be posted here.

The Inn runs a very successful Marshalling Scheme, making over 100 placements in 2019.

The scheme gives a student the opportunity to marshal with a judge (sit with him or her on the bench in court), usually for between 3 and 5 days. As well as showing a different perspective on the courtroom itself, it can be an opportunity to speak to the judge informally, with the possibility of being invited back to the judge’s chamber, which could give further insight into the workings of a court.

You can apply via the application below, but make sure to read through the guidelines before applying. Please note that finding a placement is not guaranteed and it is only possible to marshal once with a judge through Middle Temple.

Apply Here

Due to a limited number of judges, we are only able to accept applications from students who have started the Bar Course or have already completed the course and are seeking pupillage.

Please contact Jonny Boyd on for further information.