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The scheme gives students the opportunity to marshal with a judge (sit with him or her on the bench in court), usually for between one to three days, occasionally longer. As well as showing a different perspective on the courtroom itself, it can be an opportunity to speak to the judge informally, which can give further insight into the case at hand and the workings of a court more generally.

Our judicial members participating in the scheme do so voluntarily. We are very grateful for their time and expect students to approach any placement with professionalism and courtesy.

Please note the following:

  • The scheme is only open to student members who have started the Bar Course (or have already completed the Bar Course and are seeking pupillage).
  • Placements are not guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate as many students as possible.
  • Priority will be given to those students who have had little to no marshalling experience.
  • Placements are organised throughout the legal year and as such you may not be contacted for several weeks/months after submitting an application.
  • Although every attempt will always be made to find a placement within your first chosen area of law, it cannot be guaranteed. Judges do ask that students show a genuine interest in the area of law which they will see during marshalling.
  • It is only possible to marshal once with a judge through Middle Temple. Do not submit another application if you have previously had a placement.
  • If you accept a placement and subsequently cancel without good reason you will not be offered another one.
  • Travel and accommodation is not provided by the Inn.

Timing of placements

  • Placements are usually only organised during the legal terms, and will not be scheduled for weekends or public holidays. Some courts may be sitting over the Easter or summer holidays, so marshalling may be organised at these times, but the majority will be during term time.
  • Placements will be scheduled throughout the academic year so we need to know your availability until the end of July of the academic year in which you’re applying.
  • The judge’s timetable will be prioritised, so flexibility from the student is greatly appreciated and will increase the chances of a placement being possible. 
  • Provide as many dates that you are available as you can to maximise the chance that we can place you. Remember to take account your internal/external exam dates, holidays, events etc.

Location of placements

  • It may not be possible to offer you a placement in the town/city in which you live. Be prepared to travel (unless there is a valid reason why you are unable to do so).
  • Specify your term time address and home address (if they differ, and the dates you are located at each). This will give us greater flexibility when trying to arrange a placement for you.

Applying for a placement

The application form will be open 21 August 2023 to 31 October 2023.

Applications will reopen on 18 December 2023 and close at 10:00 on 22 January 2024 to enable any students starting the Bar Course in January,  or any students who missed the first window, to apply. 

Do not submit more than one application within an academic year - repeat applications will not be considered.


Please contact Monica Parrondo on with any queries.