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The Inns' Conduct Committee

The Inns’ Conduct Committee (ICC) considers matters of general policy or process relating to the determination of whether an Inn of Court should refuse to admit an applicant for admission, or expel or refuse to Call a student to the Bar.

The ICC is made up of both barrister and lay members of the four Inns. For further information and the ICC rules visit the Inns’ Conduct Committee (ICC) website. See also Schedule 1 to the Memorandum of Understanding: Guidelines for determining if a person is fit and proper to become a practising barrister.

The Inn will make referrals to the ICC when:

  • an applicant for admission declares one or more matters on the Admission Declaration form
  • an applicant for Call declares one or more matters on the Call Declaration form
  • a student member notifies the Inn of any matter(s) that call into question whether they are 'fit and proper' to become a practising barrister
  • the Inn is made aware of any matter(s) that call into question whether a student member is 'fit and proper' to become a practising barrister

Prior to a referral being made, the Inn will request the following from the applicant/student member:

  1. Confirmation of your current email, postal address and contact phone number.
  2. A signed statement from yourself outlining the particulars of the matter.  Provide as much detail as possible, including any relevant background or circumstances.
  3. Any relevant documents (if applicable).
  4. Current CV.
  5. References from at least two independent professionals who know you well, which must include a signed statement that the referee knows the purpose for which the reference is provided. Beyond the requirement for a signed statement as to the purpose of the reference, there is no requirement as to what the reference should contain*.

* However, applicants and students should be aware that a reference which, on its face, records (a) the referee’s awareness of any matters disclosed which might suggest that the applicant or student is not a fit and proper person and (b) the referee’s evaluation of those matters when reaching the conclusion stated in the reference, may be accorded greater weight by the ICC.

The referral will go first to an ICC Screening Panel who will consider each case and decide whether or not a hearing is required. If they refer the matter to a Hearing Panel this will be arranged and the person in question is invited to attend.  

This process can take several weeks/months to reach an outcome, depending on when the next ICC Screening Panel is scheduled to meet and whether or not a hearing is required.

Until the Inn receives a final outcome from the ICC as to whether or not you are fit and proper any application (whether for admission or Call to the Bar) will remain pending and cannot be progressed.

If you have any queries, please contact the Education Services Manager, Sally Yorke, at