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Local Authority Functions

Under the Temples Order of 1971 the Under Treasurer of the Middle Temple, along with the Sub-Treasurer of the Inner Temple, was defined as a local authority with the same powers and responsibilities as the Inner London boroughs under the London Government Act 1963, except in relation to housing.

Through powers vested in the Under Treasurer of the Middle Temple, Middle Temple exercises a small number of local authority functions, with the remainder being delegated to the responsibility of the City of London.

The Under Treasurer of the Middle Temple exercises local authority functions which include:

  • Environmental protection
  • Paving and lighting (although roads within the Temple are classified as private roads)
  • Planning (except development plans and listed buildings)
  • Public health and safety
  • Refuse collection
  • Water supply
  • Licensing (events and liquor)

The following functions were delegated to the City of London in the 1971 Order:

  • Matters concerning local authority health, children’s and civil defence functions
  • Accommodation and welfare of disabled and old persons
  • Land drainage, flood protection, sewerage etc. (the Temple sewers are private sewers which enter the public sewers outside the boundaries of the Temple)
  • Local taxation licences
  • Local land charges
  • The Registration Service Act 1953
  • Dog licensing
  • Food and drugs, and milk from diseased cows
  • Matters re Matrimonial Proceedings Act 1960 & Matrimonial Act 1965
  • Public libraries and museums

For historical information on the Inn as a Local Authority please see here.