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About Us

A modern institution with a long and distinguished history, Middle Temple is a place of many parts.

First and foremost, Middle Temple is one of the four Inns of Court which have the exclusive right to Call students to the Bar. The education and training of advocates lie at the heart of the Inn, but we are also a professional society for our membership worldwide; and we maintain a heritage estate in central London housing chambers from which barristers practise.

Several important activities support Middle Temple’s core functions. In addition to teaching, training and the management of the Inn’s property portfolio, these include the provision of around £1 million per year in support of our students and other junior members; the running of a modern Law library and an historic archive; the oversight (with Inner Temple) of the historic Temple Church; and the management of a commercial events business.  All of these activities represent the 21st century Middle Temple, but training and education will always be at its core.


Student Call Night


Our core purposes

The Inn’s estate on the banks of the Thames was provided by Letters Patent to ‘The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple’ in 1608 on condition that it would always be used for the joint objectives of educating and accommodating those practising or training in the Law.

Over four hundred years later, Middle Temple’s core purposes are still based on these founding principles: 

  • The education and training of students and barristers; and the promotion of diversity and access to the Bar by the provision of financial support to students and all other means.
  • The maintenance of the Inn’s estate and its historic heritage; and the provision of professional accommodation for barristers and other services and facilities in support of the Inn’s core purposes.
  • The achievement of the highest standards of advocacy in support of the judiciary and the rule of law; the promotion of the ethos of the Bar; and the maintenance of the highest professional standards in the public interest.  


Who we are

Middle Temple’s membership comprises students, barristers and senior members of the Bar and Judiciary.  Members of the Inn’s Governing Body (Parliament) are known as Masters of the Bench. The Chairman is the Treasurer, who is elected each year for a 12-month period of office. The Chief Executive, who is a full-time permanent member of the Inn’s staff, is the Under Treasurer.  A staff of 90 permanent employees assist the Under Treasurer with the day-to-day management and operation of the Inn, along with part-time staff who support our corporate events.