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Middle Temple LGBTQ+ Commitments

Middle Temple LGBTQ+ Commitments

Middle Temple is proud to support its LGBTQ+ community. The Inn’s commitments apply to its students, Hall members, Benchers, staff and guests when involved in activities organised by the Inn (excluding Temple Church, which is a separate legal entity).

So far as we are able, we aim to maintain these commitments while working overseas.

  • We are an LGBTQ+ inclusive and welcoming organisation. We welcome all people, regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • We always challenge LGBTQ+ phobic language or behaviour in Middle Temple’s activities, whether from students, Hall members, Benchers, staff and guests or directed at them.
  • We are proud to have LGBTQ+ people in senior roles at the Inn, both on the staff teams and involved in the Inn’s governance. We will ensure that by 31 December 2023 our current staff, student and Bencher recruitment, marketing and information materials, and current documents on our website, are LGBTQ+ inclusive, including allowing, but not requiring, everyone individually identified in those materials to choose their own pronouns, while using only gender-neutral language to refer to people generally.
  • We will ensure that by 1 April 2023 our internal policies and governing rules and procedures use only gender-neutral language, do not discriminate on LGBTQ+ grounds and are explicitly inclusive of those who identify as LGBTQ+.
  • We have a policy on transitioning at work applicable and available to all Middle Temple staff and we will be supportive of Middle Temple students, Hall members, and Benchers who are transitioning, signposting resources and listening to what they need from us.’
  • There are gender-neutral options for toilet and other facilities offered at the Inn (including for people with impaired mobility), for which the signage is gender-neutral. Where possible, gender-neutral facilities will be provided at Middle Temple activities not at the Inn.
  • Our IT and other systems allow for non-binary pronouns, and we respect everyone’s choice of their own pronouns.
  • In our recruitment and selection processes for staff we welcome LGBTQ+ applicants and take steps to reduce the risk of bias and discrimination against LGBTQ+ candidates. We will not use recruitment agencies who do not share our values.
  • Starting from 1 January 2023, we will commence a programme of recruitment equality training including LGBTQ+ issues for everyone involved in managing or overseeing our selection processes.
  • We have within Middle Temple people who publicly identify as LGBTQ+ and/or LGBTQ+ allies. We support LGBTQ+ members of Middle Temple who apply for, or are considering applying for, judicial and similar career-advancing appointments. We have a designated Diversity & Inclusion Co-ordinator for LGBTQ+ people (students, Hall members, Benchers, staff, guests) to go to with any concerns; members of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee are also available to address any members’ issues.
  • We are proud of these commitments. Starting in 2023, we will check and monitor our compliance and report publicly on it annually.

The Inn recognises and respects the importance of free speech and debate; nothing in these commitments is designed to limit that; we nevertheless expect all members to observe an inclusive and respectful attitude when dealing with sensitive issues.

The Commitments are based on the FreeBar Charter and we are supportive of the work FreeBar are doing to promote diversity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ people across the Bar.