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Nano Trainings

Nano Trainings are short-form videos that provide you with bitesize chunks of information. They will introduce you to particular resources, provide demonstrations on how to use and access specific legal material, and much more.


EUR-Lex: The Basics

This video pinpoints the 3 key search functions and shows you some key features of the database.


Kluwer Arbitration

This video shows you how to use Kluwer Arbitration and also identifies some key features of the database.


How Do I Find a Book?

This video shows you how the practitioner textbooks are organised, ways you can search for a book and where to go to retrive it.


Public Information Online

This video will explain what information can be found on Public Information Online, the effective methods for searching this database and how to download and save your findings.



Forms and Precedents

This video will show you how to search for standard documents and clauses on Practical Law, navigate the Forms and Precedents available on LexisNexis and use LexisPSL for procedural guidance and precedents.



Case Citators

This video will show you examples of case citators, explain what information citators offer and demonstrate how to use these resources.



Unreported Cases

This video will explain what unreported cases are and discuss resources available for finding unreported cases.



Artifical Intellgence

This video will introduce artificial intelligence, explore how it relates to the legal sphere and discuss some of the underlying issues surrounding the use of AI.



This page will be regularly updated, so check back soon for more Nano Trainings.