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The Hall Committee

The Hall Committee represents the barrister members of the Inn. It is the members’ advocate.

The Inn should serve its members at all stages of their careers and should play an important role in their professional and social lives. The route through which you can channel your views to the Inn is the Hall Committee. Benchers and student members are well served by their own representatives.   

We meet regularly to discuss issues of importance and interest to members. Those elected by you to the Hall Committee in turn sit on the Bench Committees and Sub-Committees.  We have the opportunity to represent your views and your interest in the choices which the Inn makes on matters ranging from the future of the Bar to the organisation of property management, investment, education, catering and social events.  

The Middle Temple is a unique and special institution, with the care of some of the most magnificent buildings in the country. We all want to keep the Inn’s best traditions, but at the same time to make sure that it evolves to remain relevant and useful to the changing needs of the modern Bar. Your representatives on the Hall Committee want your views so that we can speak for you on issues which affect all of us, with confidence and authority.

Do contact any member of the committee to share your views, raise points of concern or offer suggestions for the future. Their business is your business and they welcome the opportunity of enabling you to obtain the maximum from your membership of the Inn by advocating your views.

Members of Hall Committee are elected between November and December each year to serve for a three year term. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected by the Committee. We meet formally at least four times per year. The meetings are hybrid, with the option of attendance via Zoom.

The Hall Committee can be contacted at