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Data Protection

The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple (the Inn) processes and stores personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Inn’s Data Protection Policy. The full version of the Inn’s Data Protection Policy can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. A detailed Privacy Policy can be accessed from the bottom of this page or by clicking here.


How the Inn stores and uses your personal data

The Inn may store and use your data to administer your membership, for the processing of financial transactions and maintaining accounts, for the management of enquiries and complaints, to manage events or lodgings you have booked at the Inn, to manage tenancies or contracts you have with the Inn, to manage safety and security across the Inn, e.g. through the use of CCTV, and to produce summary information for statistical, regulatory and audit purposes. We may, with your permission, use your data to inform you about developments within or pertaining to the profession, inform you about and manage your involvement with services and events, including educational and membership services and events, inform you about premises to let and services that might be offered to manage the estate, and to manage your involvement with any committees you might join.

The information that the Inn holds is mainly provided by yourself, but may also be collected from other sources such as references or information already in the public domain. The information is held securely and is only accessed by Inn staff with appropriate permissions. Member data is kept and used for the duration of your membership and some information may be kept permanently by the Inn for historical purposes. Other data is kept in line with the Inn’s record retention policies.


Third Parties

Your information will not be distributed to third parties unless it is anonymised, you give us explicit consent to do so, we are required to do so under a statutory or legal obligation, or are permitted to do so by the Data Protection Act. There are a small number of reasons where we may need to share some of your information with Third Parties, for example, for processes essential to managing membership of the Inn. In order to manage admission and scholarship applications, disciplinary proceedings, and Call to the Bar, we will need to share some of a member’s basic information with the General Council of the Bar (also known as the Bar Council) and the other Inns of Court. For example, we will need to share your name and which Inn you have applied to/are a member of should your application for admission be unsuccessful or if you are found guilty of misconduct that results in your expulsion from the Middle Temple. This is to comply with Bar Standards Board regulation (Section B2, Rule rQ11) which states that applicants who are not approved for membership or who are expelled from an Inn of Court are not allowed to apply for re-entry into any Inn of Court for a time period of at least five years following the rejection or expulsion. We will also provide the Bar Council with some equality information on our members, if provided, for statutory purposes.


Contacting you

We may need to contact you, by letter, telephone, e-mail or otherwise, in relation to the above purposes. It is your responsibility to update your information or notify the Inn of any changes to your personal details so that the information that the Inn holds is accurate and kept up to date. If you are a member, please update your details using the online membership system, or inform the Membership Department ( of any change in your circumstances. If you have booked an event or room hire please contact Otherwise, please use the Contact Us information here to direct you to the appropriate department.

You have the option to opt-out of any communication you sign up for at any time by contacting the Inn, by updating your communication preferences online, and by clicking opt-out links at the bottom of emails you receive.


Photography at events

Please be aware that photography, audio and video recording may take place at our events. These may be used for promotional purposes by the Inn, including in printed publications, on our website, and on our social media accounts. If you would not like to be photographed or to have your images used, please alert a member of staff at the start of the event. We are unable to guarantee, however, that you will not be included in the background of photographs that are being taken. You can ask the Inn to stop using your images at any time using the contact details below.


Accessing your personal data & queries

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 you have a right to change or access your information at any time. If you have any queries or want to see the personal data the Inn holds on you by making a Subject Access Request, please contact the Inn at the following email address: or by writing to:

Data Protection Officer
The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple
Treasury Office
Ashley Building
Middle Temple Lane

If it transpires that any information we hold is inaccurate or incorrect you should inform us immediately so that it can be amended.

v3, 26th February 2019