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Disability Forum

The Disability Forum supports, advises, and encourages members of Middle Temple who identify as a disabled person or as having a long-term physical, sensory or mental health condition. The Forum is an inclusive organisation and welcomes allies; non-disabled people are encouraged to support and participate in initiatives organised by the Forum.

The Forum considers the following specific objectives when considering its activities:

  • Offering education and guidance on disability issues for members;
  • Providing support and visibility to disabled staff and members;
  • Combatting and addressing problems facing disabled members of the Inn;
  • Promoting the accessibility of facilities and organisations within the Inn;
  • Advocating for optimal accessibility of the Inn’s facilities to as many disabled people as possible;
  • Forming links with other existing charities, networks, and organisations whose objectives correlate with our own;
  • Supporting the continuing work of the Inn to make the Bar an inclusive, accessible, and educated space for its members and employees.

Disability Forum Membership

Members who would like to join the Forum are welcome to email

You can find the Forum's complete statement of values at the bottom of this page.

For general inquiries about diversity & inclusion at the Inn, please email