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Library Exhibitions

The Library holds four exhibitions a year.

Our current exhibition is running from May-August 2022.

Watchmen, Charlies, Peelers: The Story of Policing

The story of policing in London is a mutable and longstanding one.

From the earliest statute of Edward I, establishing a formal system of policing in the late 1200s, to Sir Robert Peel’s creation of the Metropolitan Police in 1829, the presence of police in London – in the form of individual peacekeepers and the philosophy of peace-keeping itself – has endured for over seven-hundred years.

This story – one of watchmen, Charlies, the runners of Bow Street, and the presence of police at the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple – has not always been an easy one.

From archival items to books; treatises to images, this exhibition seeks to tell some of that story.

The exhibition will run until August 2022 and can be viewed during the Library’s opening hours.