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Library Exhibitions

Mapping the Early Modern Inns of Court

The Library holds three exhibitions a year. Our current exhibition, Mapping the Early Modern Inns of Court, will run throughout May-September 2024.


Explore a range of pre-1700 books from the Library, and items from the Inn’s Archive, highlighting topics such as recreation, literary culture at the Inns, religion and preaching, learning the law and verbal skills, travel and exploration endeavours.

The exhibition will run until September 2024 and can be viewed during the Library’s opening hours.

You can view the online exhibition here.

Previous Exhibitions

The Evolution of the Law Report

An exhibition exploring how this important document has evolved over the centuries to arrive at its current form. From Plea Rolls to Year Books, manuscripts to nominates, to digitisation and beyond...View online

Middle Temple Hall: 1573-2023

Last year, the Inn celebrated 450 years since the completion of Middle Temple Hall. This exhibition told the story of the Hall, from its construction in the reign of Elizabeth I to the present day, via renovations and reinventions, blazes and bombing raids.

Islam, Astronomy & Arabic Print

An exhibition exploring astronomical manuscripts from the Medieval and Renaissance periods, European translations of the Quran, verses from the Quran relating to astronomy and Renaissance books...View online

Squalour & Sanitation

An exhibition exploring the impact of epidemics on public health law. From plagues to the present, this display looks at the way public officials manage the spread of disease, as they try to understand the causes of illness...View online

Botany at Middle Temple

Plants provide the foundation for nearly all life on earth. The chloroplasts in green plants provide some 70% of our breathable oxygen and sit at the centre of countless ecosystems. By the same token, plants are essential to human life and...View online

Watchmen, Charlies, Peelers

The story of policing in London is a mutable and ever-changing one. The earliest recorded effort to establish a formal system of policing can be traced back to the reign of King Edward I in his statute of 1285...View online

Women in Law

2019 marked the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act of 1919. The passing of this Act allowed women to become practising solicitors and barristers in an official capacity...View online