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Legal Research Training

The Library runs regular legal research training sessions available to all Inns of Court members.

All sessions qualify for CPD under the CPD rules’ learning objectives as Legal Knowledge and Skills.

We also offer legal research training as Qualifying Sessions, which can be delivered in and outside of London, remotely or in-person.

Library staff are happy to accommodate one-to-one training sessions for Inns of Court members. For further information on this, please contact Middle Temple Library.

More information on dates for upcoming sessions can be found on the Inn’s calendar and social media.

Details on current training sessions are below.


CPD Sessions


3-Part Introductory Training Courses for CPD


Case Law Research:

  • Highlights how to decipher citations
  • Provides an overview of print and electronic resources for case law research within UK jurisdiction
  • Reviews commentary material 
  • Covers searching international case law
  • Points out case law resources freely available online


Legislation Research

  • Gives an overview of print and electronic resources for legislation research within UK jurisdiction
  • Examines how to locate commentary information
  • Focuses on searching for Parliamentary material, including conducting Pepper v Hart research
  • Goes into locating international legislation
  • Describes legislative resources freely available online


Current Awareness

  • Highlights key resources to use to keep track of latest legal developments
  • Points out freely available current awareness resources
  • Demonstrates how to set up alerts on various current awareness resources
  • Discusses how to utilise RSS feeds


Qualifying Sessions


Effective Legal Research

  • Discusses legal research strategies
  • Looks at using Boolean logic
  • Details the citation of authorities
  • Goes through searching for case law and legislation on subscription databases
  • Examines free legal gateway websites


European Legal Research

  • Outlines the basic structure of EU law
  • Demonstrates where to locate EU legislation using a range of search techniques
  • Demonstrates where to locate EU case law using a range of search techniques
  • Focuses on how to navigate EUR-Lex and CURIA: the two main EU databases
  • Outlines the main sources where to look for retained EU law


Human Rights Law

  • Includes an overview of print and electronic resources available for researching human rights
  • Reviews how to find commentary resources
  • Looks at material from the European Court of Human Rights
  • Shows United Nations documents relating to human rights
  • Highlights resources freely available online


Parliamentary Papers Session

  • Gives an overview of where to locate Parliamentary materials in print and online
  • Reviews how to trace legislative changes
  • Provides an introduction to Pepper v Hart research
  • Goes into locating international legislation


US Legal Research

  • Reviews the key features of the US legal system at both Federal and State levels
  • How to research the Constitution
  • Outlines where and how to find Federal and State statutes, regulations and cases
  • Highlights the usefulness of various secondary sources of US legal research


You v Google: Using the Internet in Legal Research

  • How you can apply Google more effectively and appropriately in legal research
  • How to successfully filter information and apply Boolean logic
  • Searching across sites in Google’s search bar
  • How to retrieve “lost” and “removed” information
  • Learn about open-access databases available to those working in a legal context