Middle Temple Young Barristers' Association

MTYBA has been set up by a committee of young barristers to help ease the transition from newly called barrister through the first five years of practice. 

MTYBA has three aims: to assist those who have been Called but who have yet to obtain that all-important pupillage; to encourage and inform members once they are doing pupillage; and, to support young (though not necessarily in age) barristers as they start out in the profession. 

MTYBA regularly puts on a range of events for a variety of MTYBA constituents. There is an annual Christmas Drinks Reception and a Summer Drinks party for all. There are also panel discussions for those making pupillage applications, about to start second six or looking for third sixes and tenancy and MTYBA also organises the international internship scholarship fund and liases with the Inn on behalf of its members. 

We do all of this in the hope that we can help Middle Templars as they set out on the path to becoming successful barristers. We’d really like to have you on board, attending events and taking advantage of the opportunities that we organise.

For you to benefit from this we need to have your email address (we don’t want to spam you via Middle Temple if you don’t want to be contacted). If you would like to be added to the MTYBA email list please email middletempleyoungbar@gmail.com

You can also follow us on Twitter @MTYoungBar

For more information please see the MTYBA website at http://www.mtyba.org/