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Middle Temple Employed Bar Society

Middle Temple is committed to representing the interests of the Inn’s entire membership, which includes the approximately 20% of barristers practising at the employed Bar. The roles undertaken by the Inn’s employed barristers are diverse: while approximately 50% of these are employed by the Government Legal, HM Courts & Tribunals and Crown Prosecution Services, the rest are found widespread across a range of organisations and across all ranges of seniority and experience, working in government, public authorities, charities, commerce, finance, industry, solicitor law firms, and other organisations who do not work at the self-employed Bar in different roles including in-house counsel.

Middle Temple's Employed Bar Society (“MTEBS”) leads the Inn's efforts to engage with and represent the interests of its employed membership. The Society was created to welcome and support these employed barristers and encourage them to fully participate in the activities of the Inn.

MTEBS is charged with ensuring that the Inn’s membership offering is relevant to and caters for the employed Bar. It aims to do this by:

  • Relevance: ensuring that initiatives, events, and opportunities provided by the Inn are relevant and accessible to employed barristers and where appropriate specifically cater for their professional development needs, interests, and career aspirations.
  • Recognition: ensuring that the Inn recognises the unique skills and achievements of its employed barrister members, and deploys these skill sets to enhance the experience of all members of the Inn.
  • Reputation: improving the visibility of the employed Bar as a sector, to better educate and inspire students and self-employed practitioners as to the diverse range of opportunities at the employed Bar.
  • Representation: improving the representation and visibility of employed barristers on decision-making bodies within the Inn to better reflect the employed Bar’s 20% composition of the whole Bar.


The Society draws experience from across the sector. You can read more about them here.

If you wish to contact the Society, email