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Vision & Mission


The Middle Temple, as one of the four Inns of Court, exists to promote and support the rule of law throughout the Common Law world, and the fair and effective administration of justice which the rule of law requires. The rule of law is an essential cornerstone of a modern democratic society, and a strong, independent and ethical Bar is an essential component of it.



Middle Temple supports the Bar by supporting its members throughout their professional careers. It does this by promoting excellence in advocacy and the highest standards of professional ethics through the education and training it provides, and the collegiate ethos it instils in its members.


In the context of the Inn, these two statements may also be considered as, respectively, the “outward” and “inward” aspirations of the Inn. The focus of the vision statement is beyond the Inn, on the importance of the rule of law, and on the importance of a strong legal profession to underpin this. In the mission statement, the focus is on the Inn and its members, and on the role they have to play in realising the overall vision.