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Dietary Requirements

The menu for each dinner is chosen under the guidance of Master Treasurer and Master Reader. One menu is selected for each event, and can be viewed on the relevant event page under the Inn Calendar. We ask all attendees to indicate if they have any specific dietaries or allergens we need to take into consideration. The Chef and his team will then usually prepare one suitable alternative, to cater for these requests.  

Alternative meals can be provided only if requested in advance.  Please ensure that you update the Inn with the dietary requirements for you and any guests in advance and no later than 14:00 two working days before the event.  You can do this by logging into the website and clicking on your Upcoming Events under 'My Middle Temple'.  You will then have the option to update each ticket with dietary requirements for you and any guests.

The following can be accomodated;

  • Vegetarian 
  • Halal
  • Vegan 
  • Specific allergens

When seated in Hall please make a member of staff aware of these requirements so that they can serve you accordingly. 

Kosher meals

The Inn is not able to provide Kosher meals, but can heat them if they are procured by a member from outside caterers.  If a member procures his or her own food or does not have a meal at all, it may be possible to book a ticket for an event at no cost.  Contact the Education Department on 020 7427 4800 (option 1) to request this.

Attending QS during Ramadan

As the collegiate element of a Qualifying Sessions invariably involves a meal or other refreshments, those who observe Ramadan may want to try to avoid booking QS within that period.

For those who do wish to attend a QS during Ramadan, the following will apply:

  • Students can attend without being given any food. In that case, it is possible to book a ticket for an event at no cost.  Contact the Education Department on 020 7427 4800 (option 1) for more information.
  • Students can buy a ticket at full price and receive a cold meal, either to be consumed in Hall when appropriate or to take away.

Either way, students will have to stay until the end of the QS.