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LGBTQ+ Forum

The Forum has been created to support, advise and encourage members of The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple and the Bar as a whole, who identify within the broad heading of LGBTQ+. Although the Forum is described as being for those identifying as LGBTQ+, it is open to all and supportive of all. In doing so, the Forum welcomes allies from every corner; it is created to be an inclusive rather than exclusive organisation. Everyone is welcome, regardless of sexuality, gender or any other characteristic.

To deliver these broad goals, the following specific objectives will be considered by the Forum when considering its activities. The Forum should take steps to:

  • Provide education on LGBTQ+ issues for all members of the Inn;
  • Provide genuine support and guidance on LGBTQ+ issues;
  • To combat and address issues facing the LGBTQ+ community at the Bar;
  • To ensure that the facilities and organisations within Middle Temple reflect its welcoming and tolerant values by representing LGBTQ+ interests within the Inn;
  • Form links with other existing charities and networks whose objectives correlate with our own;
  • Where appropriate, to respond to consultations conducted by the Bar Standards Board, the Bar Council, the Government or any other relevant bodies on issues relevant to the Forum and its objectives;
  • To support the continuing work of the Inn to make Middle Temple a safe and inclusive space for its members and employees.

Membership of the LGBTQ+ Forum

Membership of the Forum is not a formal requirement, nor necessary for the operation of the Forum. Rather, the Forum operates as a group providing opportunities to whoever wants to take advantage of them. Everyone is welcome.

The forum frequently organises events which can be found via the Inn Calendar , inquiries should be directed to We have also set up a Twitter account, @LgtbqForum, so please do follow and join us.

Our full statement of values can be found at the bottom of this page.