Training the Trainers

The Inn’s advocacy courses are taught by practitioners at all levels. We take pride in having a vibrant team of advocacy trainers from all areas of practice, who can provide training relating directly to their own experience. Since the demands on provision of training are increasing, we are constantly looking for new additions to the team and would welcome hearing from you.

Before they can start teaching classes, all new trainers have to undergo a Training the Trainers programme to familiarise themselves with the training method which is used by all the Inns and Circuits.

A Training the Trainers programme consists of two Saturday courses. In between these two parts, new trainers are expected to attend some training workshops on a pupils’ course.

We offer two Training the Trainers programmes a year. The dates of the next programme are:


  • Saturday 3 November: Programme, part 1
  • Monday 12 - Friday 23 November:  Pupils' Course (new trainers to observe some of the workshops)
  • Saturday 17 November: Programme, part 2


  • Saturday 12 January: Programme, part 1
  • Monday 7th January - Friday 18th January: Pupils' Course (new trainers to observe some of the workshops) 
  • Saturday 26  January: Programme, part 2

To find out more, please contact Indira Pillay at