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The Pupillage Podcast - Judge: Friend or Foe - part of the Survive & Thrive series

27 Mar 2020

As professional advocates, what are the qualities that we most hope for in our tribunal? Is it more than intelligence, knowledge of the law and integrity? Do we not also look for patience and courtesy in our judge and their understanding of the demands and stresses of our working lives? What happens when a judge’s personality takes the lead in a less-than-positive way and advocates are left wondering whether they’ve done something to offend the judge, or they feel unable to object to unreasonable demands placed on them by the judge during a case?

Hear last year's esteemed panel of speakers warm up with an episode of the Pupillage Podcast, recorded on Wednesday 13 November, discussing the relationship between judges and advocates and what can happen when things break down.

The panel comprised Masters Andrew Edis, Jonathan Baker and Jo Delahunty with Mary Aspinal-Miles moderating.

The episode is available here.