Master Whitfield's book "The Art of Persuasion" to be launched at Advocacy Reception

Master Whitfield will be launching his new book "The Art of Persuasion" at tonight's Advocacy Reception.

The book assesses the types of study that help to make a speech in court persuasive, and ultimately successful. This essay argues, and illustrates, that 'rhetoric' is more than just bombast.

It clearly demonstrates that the ancients - Aristotle, Cicero, Quintilian - articulated with great brilliance what actually goes into making a speech or written submission compelling and persuasive. Their emphasis on the importance of literacy and the good use of language, on the clear structure of arguments and on attractive delivery, has real resonance in the world of today.

The Right Honourable Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls said: "I would encourage all advocates, and indeed all interested in public speaking, to read and reflect on this essay."

The book is now on sale at the Treasury Office for £5 or available as an e-book from Amazon for £3.