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The Hon Hugh Geoghegan

Full Title: The Hon Hugh Geoghegan
Category: Senior Benchers
Bench Call Date: 23.10.2006
Call Date: 29.4.1975

Education: Clongowes Wood College Co. Kildare; University College, Dublin; King’s Inns Dublin; BCL; LLB; King’s Inns Exhibition prize

Admission: 25 March 1975; Call 29 April 1975; Called to the Bar, Kings Inns 1962; Senior Counsel 1977; Called to English Bar (MT) 1975 and to Bar of Northern Ireland 1989; Bencher of King’s Inns Jan 1992; Judge of the High Court, Ireland 1992-2000; Judge of the Supreme Court, Ireland 2000-10; Council Member of the Irish Legal History Society

Recreations: History; Genealogy; Travel; Listening to music

Clubs: Kildare St. and University Club, Dublin; Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club, Dublin