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Professor Aharon Barak

Full Title: Professor Aharon Barak
Category: Honorary Bencher
Bench Call Date: 12.5.1998

Education: Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1958; Harvard 1966-67; LLM;  PhD; Honorary Doctorate: Haifa University 1992; Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1998; Honorary Doctor of Laws: University of Michigan, Yale 1999, York, New York 2000, Hartford 2001, Tor Vergata, Rome 2002, Brandeis 2003, University of Toronto 2005; Honorary Degree: University of Oxford 1999, Bologna, Tel-Aviv 2000; Bar-Ilan University 2008

Career: Associate Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1968; Lecturer, New York School of Law 1970-72; Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1972; Dean of the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1974; Attorney-General of Israel 1975-1978;  Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel 1978-1995; Deputy President of the Supreme Court of Israel 1993; President of the Supreme Court of Israel 1995; Professor at IDC Herzliya 2007-

Publications: Vicarious Liability in the Law of Torts, 1965; Law of Civil Wrongs, 1970; Nature of the Negotiable Instrument, 1973; Agency Law, 1975; Judicial Discretion, 1987; Selected Essays, 2000; Interpretation in Law, 1992-2000; Purposive Interpretation in Law, 2003; The Judge in a Democracy, 2004; Articles in both English and Hebrew; Proportionality; Constitutional Rights and Their Limitations both in English and in Hebrew, 2012; Human Dignity: The Constitutional Value and The Constitutional Right, in Hebrew 2014, Forthcoming in English December 2014