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Brian Altman Esq QC

Full Title: Brian Altman Esq QC
Category: Ordinary Bencher
Bench Call Date: 29.6.2010
Call Date: 23.7.1981

Brian Altman took Silk in 2008.  Prior to this he was appointed Junior Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court in 1997, Senior Treasury Counsel in 2002, and First Senior Treasury Counsel in 2010.  He is a tenant in 2 Bedford Row and has in the past been an active member of the Criminal Bar Association.  His practice is exclusively in serious criminal cases.  Brian was graduated from King’s College London and has a post graduate degree from the University of Amsterdam.  He has served on the MT Ball Committee, written for The Middle Templar, and given lectures for students.  He is a regular participant in the Inn’s advocacy training.