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The Hon Wong Yan Lung SC JP

Full Title: The Hon Wong Yan Lung SC JP
Category: Ordinary Bencher
Bench Call Date: 2.10.2007
Call Date: 23.7.1987

Mr. Wong Yan Lung was the second Secretary for Justice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region serving between October 2005 and June 2012. He is back in private practice with Temple Chambers in Hong Kong, specializing in commercial as well as public law. He was appointed Senior Counsel in 2002, sat as Deputy High Court Judge of the Court of First Instance in 2003, and served as member of the Council of the Hong Kong Bar Association on multiple terms in the period between 1989 and 2005. Mr. Wong read law at Magdalene College Cambridge and was appointed an Honorary Fellow in 2009. On account of his contribution to the rule of law in Hong Kong, he was awarded the Grand Bauhinia Medal by the Hong Kong Government in 2012, and was conferred honorary doctorate degrees by six universities in Hong Kong between 2012 and 2014. Mr. Wong is married to Esther and has three daughters.