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Practising in Extradition

Julian Assange, in the last several months, and, before him, Lauri Love, Roman Polankshy, Gary McKinnon, Shrien Dewani, Babar Ahmed, The Natwest Three bankers, and Augusto Pinochet. Each has fought a request for their extradition. Each has gripped press headlines.
But just how complex can an area of law be when it is solely governed by one Act of Parliament, the Extradition Act 2003?
All extradition cases start before a district judge at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court. All applications for permission to appeal against an order for extradition are to the Administrative Court. Extradition is distinct from immigration, asylum, criminal deportation and Red Notices. The extradition Bar is quite specialist, vibrant and collegiate.
Fancy an area of practice that is all based in London – and that requires oral and written advocacy in equal measure? 

Recorded Monday 24 May 2021 with Abigail Bright & Master Garlick.