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Treasurer's Lecture | A Conversation with The Hon Rosalie Abella and Lord Dyson: 25 April 2022

A wonderful opportunity to hear from two retired Supreme Court justices from two different jurisdictions in order to explore what they think the judicial role is and why it matters;  how it should be performed in a democracy; what the relationship is between courts and legislatures; how the courts (and the rest of the profession) can protect and promote public confidence in the justice system; how judges can balance staying knowledgeable about social realities and change,  while respecting the importance of precedent and stability; what role did comparative/international law play in your jurisprudence; what are the greatest risks to  and strengths of the justice system; how did your personal history and identity affect your decisions if at all;  do you have any regrets; what is the decision you’re most proud of having written or been a part of; what’s the decision you wish you - or your court - hadn’t written; were all areas of the law equally interesting to you; who were your mentors or strongest influences; what advice would you give young people in, or thinking of joining, the legal profession.