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LGBTQ+ Forum Annual Dinner

Tuesday 12th of December 2023 18:45

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Middle Temple Bench Apartments


17:35 – Doors Open for pre-dinner talk
17:55 – Doors Close
18:00 – Pre-dinner talk
18:45 – Reception (kindly sponsored by 4PB)
19:30 – Dinner in Parliament Chamber
21:30 – Comfort break followed by speech
22:00 – Cash bar

This event is expected to end at approximately 22:30

Dress code

Black Tie preferred

Gender rules not applicable. Colourful accessories encouraged

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Event Details

The Middle Temple LGBTQ+ Forum invites you to attend its 2023 Annual Dinner, where we will welcome a speaker for the evening!

This is a chance for the LGBTQ+ members, students and Benchers of the Middle Temple – and their Allies, guests, family and friends – to dine together, to learn, to celebrate and to get some glitter on their lapels.

The theme of this year’s annual dinner is to celebrate 20 years since the abolition in November 2003 of section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, which introduced section 2A to the Local Government Act 1986 and forbade local authorities from promoting the teaching “of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”.

There will be a pre-dinner talk from Professor Paul Baker of Lancaster University, who is a published author on this topic. His discussion will consider the factors leading up to the introduction of section 28; the ways that newspapers and politicians fanned the flames of homophobia; the wide range of protests against it; the effects of the law; the fight to repeal it and its eventual legacy. This talk will therefore cover themes of legal knowledge, justice, equality, diversion and inclusion.

During dinner, then will then be a short talk from our guest speaker, Booan Temple. Booan is a barrister and is especially qualified to talk at this event given her active role in campaigning to stop section 28 passing. It is hoped that (technology allowing) the short BBC documentary of Booan’s efforts can be played at the dinner. This talk will therefore cover themes of legal knowledge, justice, equality, diversion and inclusion.

With thanks to 4PB who are kindly sponsoring the drinks reception!

Who can Attend

Student/Hall Members: Guests welcome

Benchers: Guests welcome

Members of the other Inn's of Court: Guest welcome

Dietary Requirements

If you (or your guests) have any dietary requirements please ensure that you provide this information when you book tickets.  If you did not do so, please inform the Inn no later than 12:00 two working days before the event. 

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Non-alcoholic alternatives will be provided on request.

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Qualifying Session Details

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Learning Aims:

After this session, students should be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge concerning an infamous piece of domestic legislation;
  • Understand how the law came to be made and then repealed, its operation in practice and impact; and
  • Understand how Statute and its interpretation can directly impact LGBTQ+ rights and how reforms have been fought for and achieved.

Links to the Professional Statement, wider workings of the Bar, administration of justice or a public interest matter

The QS will align with these elements of the professional statement:


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QS Feedback

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