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ONLINE QS | Round Table discussion - Family

Wednesday 3rd of June 2020 17:20

This event is a qualifying session and is worth 1 point
Online registration not currently available


Accessing the remote QS:

17:20 ~ StarLeaf ‘room’ will be open. Ensure that you have joined before the QS is due to start.

17:30 ~ Introduction

17:40 ~ Break into 4 groups for discussion with a practitioner/judge

19:00 ~ QS finishes

All remote QS will take place using software called StarLeaf.  A link for the 'meeting room' will be sent by email between 12-24 hours before the scheduled start time.

It is preferable to join the QS on a laptop, but if that’s not possible then use your phone/tablet. Download the app from here for a step-by-step guide.  

You do not need to register on the app to attend a QS – you can join as a guest using the link that will be sent to you.

Click here to see our Ten Tips for Online QS.

Event Details: 

For the majority of the session you will be in groups of up to 15 students with one practitioner/judge.

A few questions or topics for discussion about the specific area of law will be posed in advance of this event.  You will all be required to participate actively in the discussions.

You must have your camera turned on throughout (unless there is a technical reason why you cannot).

Topics for discussion:

  • Other than for reasons of a fair and just process, is there a need for parents to give evidence in a court room rather than remotely in all cases or only some?  You may want to consider the evolving guidance being given by the President on the Courts and Judiciary web page.
  • Following the decision of the House of Lords in White v White [2000] practitioners in financial cases need to be able to divide by two. What other specific non-legal skills do they need and how can they be acquired?
  • Most contested final hearings of care proceedings end in the child not returning to live with a parent. What can be done to increase the chances of a different result?
  • Are there dangers in a constant diet of cases involving a high degree of emotional conflict or anger? How can the practitioner cope?

These are emphatically intended as conversation starters. Discussion may move in all sorts of directions: this is allowed, indeed encouraged - there will not be any assessment or exam afterwards!


This event is for members only.

Qualifying Session Details:

For Middle Temple students and transferring lawyers - this event counts as one Qualifying Session.  To be awarded the QS for this event you are required to join the StarLeaf meeting on time and stay for the whole event (please see timings at the top of this page). 

In order to verify your attendance: Prior to joining the StarLeaf meeting, ensure that you have entered your full name.  We will be able to see who has attended online and will update the QS records accordingly (within 10 working days).

Please Note:

Times and details are subject to change.  Please check this webpage for the most up to date information.

Data Protection & Photography at this Event:

Please be aware that photography, audio and video recording may take place at our events. These may be used for promotional purposes by the Inn, including in printed publications, on our website, and on our social media accounts. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken or to have images of you used, please alert the EducationTeam at the start of the event. We are unable to guarantee that you will not be included in the background of photographs that are being taken. Contact: 020 7427 4800,

All personal data that the Inn stores and processes is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Inn’s Data Protection Policy. You can ask the Inn to stop using your images at any time, or request to see the personal data that the Inn holds on you. For more information please visit the Data Protection page

Booking Tickets:

Members of the Inn can book tickets online by clicking ‘Add to Cart’.  Please note that you must log in to book (if you have not yet created a log-in please register first). 

Unless the event sells out earlier, booking will close at 16:00 on the day before the event.

Please note: You cannot book a ticket online for another member of the Inn if that member needs the Qualifying Session assigned to their record. They must log in and book their own ticket, or alternatively contact the Treasury Office.


Where we have a waiting list we will be able to offer your ticket to someone else, so please do let us know if you are no longer planning to attend.

To cancel a ticket please email