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Middle Temple Fitness Society - Introductory Evening

Wednesday 14th of April 2021 18:00

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Online via Zoom (joining link will be circulated via email)


(Zoom Meeting ‘room’ will be open from 17:50)
Please ensure that you have joined before the event is due to start.

Event Details

Middle Temple is piloting a new set of societies. With the help of the Inn, and you as a member, it is hoped that these initial societies are successful which will allow for more societies to be established and a wider range of interests to be showcased. 


The Fitness society will be intended for members who enjoy staying active to be able to discuss exercises and how to stay fit. Members will be able to explore different exercises, be able to have friendly challenges, and eventually, will be able to meet up with fellow members for runs, walks, bike rides etc. 

It is worth noting the Fitness society will be for general fitness rather than specific sports such as football, rugby etc. If there is appetite, more sport-based societies may be explored in future.

Steering Group

Each society will have a steering group of a maximum of 5 members per society. These members will be elected to the steering group by members of the society and there will be an annual change over of power. 

Each society will consist of a President and a Treasurer plus 3 other positions. These position names will be chosen by the President and Treasurer of each society, and members of the society will elect someone to that position. 

Each society will have the same hand over day known as ‘Steering Group hand-over’ which will be chosen by Middle Temple and it shall remain the same day in the future. 

Every society will be required to follow a blanket policy which will be created in due course. This will contain how each society must act and ultimately, must not undermine the integrity and trust of Middle Temple. Each member of the Steering group will be made to read and sign the policy in order to be held accountable to it. 


All societies will be free to join but the society may host events and activities to which it may charge for. 

A Treasurer will be elected in order to maintain the finance of each society and to make sure no financial errors occur. 

This is a really exciting opportunity to open up a side to Middle Temple that does not currently exist. It is a chance for you to meet new people of similar interests and to further expand the community that already exists within the Inn. The better success that these initial societies have, the more ability we have to create even more. 

This event is open to all members. Attendance is free but booking is required.

Accessing the remote Event:

This remote event will take place using software called Zoom.  A link for the 'meeting room' will be sent by email between 12-24 hours before the scheduled start time.

It is preferable to join the event on a laptop, but if that’s not possible then use your phone/tablet. Download the app from


This event is open only to Middle Temple members.

Qualifying Session Details

Please note, this event is a NOT a Qualifying Session

Bookings and Cancellations

Where we have a waiting list we will be able to offer your ticket to someone else, so please do let us know if you are no longer planning to attend.

Hall members and Benchers - to cancel a ticket please email 

Click here to view our Bookings and Cancellation Policies

Data Protection & Photography

Please be aware that photography, audio and video recording may take place at our events. These may be used for promotional purposes by the Inn, including in printed publications, on our website, and on our social media accounts. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken or to have images of you used, please alert the Membership Team at the start of the event. We are unable to guarantee that you will not be included in the background of photographs that are being taken. Contact: 020 7427 6385,

All personal data that the Inn stores and processes is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Inn’s Data Protection Policy. You can ask the Inn to stop using your images at any time, or request to see the personal data that the Inn holds on you. For more information please visit the Data Protection page

Times and details for this event are subject to change. Please check this webpage for the most up to date information.