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Each year, to encourage links between Middle Temple and University and BPTC Students, the Inn provides a modest fund to the Students’ and Barristers’ Affairs Committee in support of social or educational events organised by students at their universities or colleges, in keeping with the Policy formulated by the Committee. Applications for such funding, which may be made by established Middle Temple Students’ Associations or by students at institutions where no such association is as yet in existence, should be made in writing, giving a brief description of the proposed event, together with an outline budget, to:

The Secretary 

Students’ and Barristers’ Affairs Committee 

Treasury Office 

Ashley Buidling 

Middle Temple Lane 

London EC4Y 9BT 

Or by e-mail:

Students are expected, after any event funded by the Committee, to provide the Secretary with a short written report and account of that expenditure. The award of funding is entirely discretionary.

Since the available fund is limited, the Committee may not always be able to assist, and so delay in making applications should be avoided; late applicants may find that the fund for the year has already been exhausted.