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The Eldon Law Scholarship at the University of Oxford, Faculty of Law

24 Aug 2021

Applications are invited for the Eldon Law Scholarship, which is a two year scholarship (with a value not less than £10,500 per annum), awarded annually to students intending to follow a career at the Bar. 

The Scholarship is open to members of the University of Oxford who have either: 

  • a) been placed in the First Class of the Final Honours School BA in Law or BA in Law with Law Studies in Europe; or 
  • b) been awarded a Distinction in the degree of Bachelor of Civil Law or the degree of Magister Juris; 

and who are both: 

  • c) intending to practice at the Bar in the United Kingdom; and 
  • d) applying for the Eldon scholarship either before, or within two years of the date of, being called to the Bar. 

Each candidate will be required to sign a declaration that he or she intends to practice at the Bar in the United Kingdom. 
Until called to the Bar, the Eldon Scholar must produce proof that he or she has regularly kept terms, unless prevented by illness, at one of the Inns of Court. 
In general the policy of the awarding committee is to give preference to a candidate who has completed his or her Oxford education, and will, at the date of the interview, be undertaking the vocational stage of training prior to entry into pupillage.

For any queries, and to apply, email the committee secretary: 

Application deadline: midnight, Sunday 7th November 2021.

Interviews will take place in Oxford on Saturday 29th January 2022.