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BTAS Sanctions Guidance Second Consultation

14 Sep 2021

BTAS seeks views on its draft Sanctions Guidance. The draft Guidance incorporates many suggestions received in response to the first consultation that took place earlier in the year.

The proposed new Guidance includes a clearer structured approach to deciding sanctions and new ‘Misconduct Groups’. Indicative sanctions ranges have been reviewed and in particular the lower end of the sanction ranges have been raised to 12 months suspension for misconduct of a sexual nature and discrimination, non-sexual harassment and bullying.

This consultation will be of interest to the public, those representing equality groups, members of the Bar, BTAS panel members and regulators. The consultation and the draft new Guidance can be found here: BTAS Sanctions Guidance Consultation (2021) - The Bar Tribunal and Adjudication Services (

Responses should be received by 21 October 2021 – unfortunately extensions cannot be granted.

If you have any questions, please email