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Bench Call: 6 October 2021

12 Oct 2021

Throughout the pandemic, we have been Calling Masters of the Bench virtually, provided they were willing to be Called online. Some, however chose to wait, and as a result recent Call ceremonies have been a mixture of the Treasurer’s Lists (Masters Gormley, Callow and Coleridge); recently elected Benchers like Colin Davidson; and those who preferred to be Called in person – who, coincidentally, were mostly men. Please click through to see the full picture.

The Callees are Called to the Bench before dinner, then asked to take their place at the High Table. After dinner each new Bencher gave a short speech, which members can watch here

Latest Callees:

Antony Gormley
Sir Antony Gormley OBE

Honorary Bencher Benched 2021

Simon Callow
Simon Callow CBE

Honorary Bencher Benched 2021

Nicholas Coleridge
Nicholas Coleridge CBE

Honorary Bencher Benched 2021

Nicholas Stonor
Nicholas Stonor Esq QC

Ordinary Bencher Called 1993 Benched 2021

Steven Powles
Steven Powles Esq QC

Ordinary Bencher Called 1997 Benched 2021

Colin Davidson
Colin Davidson Esq

Honorary Bencher Benched 2021

View a full list of people benched in the last two years.