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Bench Book Update Form

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Please write a Who’s Who  style entry for your Bench Book biography. This is a short, standardised paragraph outlining your life in the following format:

  • At the top, just after your name and any decorations, we show your occupation, so that readers can see immediately what you do.
  • This is followed by personal information: date of birth, names of parents, and the details (if applicable) of marriage(s) or partner and number of children.
  • We then show brief educational details (the establishments attended and qualifications attained, including Call date/Bench date) followed by details of the main career, normally in chronological order, with relevant dates for each appointment.
  • Any public service or voluntary posts are listed separately after the main career, including Inn appointments, Committees.
  • Publications (if any) appear after career details.
  • If you are the holder of a hereditary title, we show the details of your heir (name, date of birth, and details of marriage and children) next.
  • Recreations follow — and are an opportunity to give the entry a more personal angle. The recreations listed in Who’s Who entries are as diverse and varied as the biographees who list them.
  • Any clubs you are a member of.


An example biography is below: