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Civility in Court and the Art of e-Advocacy

As professional advocates, what are the qualities that we most hope for in our tribunal? What happens when a judge’s personality takes the lead in a less-than-positive way and advocates are left wondering whether they’ve done something to offend the judge, or they feel unable to object to unreasonable demands placed on them by the judge during a case?

What should you do when you find yourself against an opponent who is unnecessarily aggressive, hostile or a bully?

Virtual hearings are increasingly becoming the new norm for international arbitrations and court proceedings due to COVID-19. This represents a new frontier for many advocates. How can advocates effectively persuade the Tribunal and cross-examine witnesses when participants are no longer in the same physical space?

During this event we heard from and question experienced judges and practitioners from both Hong Kong and the UK in a Q&A moderated by The Hon Mr Justice Joseph Fok.

Hong Kong Speakers:

  • The Hon. Mrs Justice Audrey Campbell-Moffat
  • Douglas Lam SC
  • Catrina Lam
  • Moderated by The Hon. Mr Justice Joseph Fok


UK Speakers:

  • The Rt Hon Lord Justice Jonathan Baker
  • Nikki Singla QC
  • Scott Maidment, President of The Advocates' Society in Canada, 2019