Magna Carta

Open House London Weekend "Revealing Magna Carta"

19-20 September 2015

This major event, organised jointly by the Inner and Middle Temple, will be a highlight of our 2015

programme of events to mark the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta by King John in 1215; for further details click here.

Over these two days, both Inns will open their doors to welcome around 20,000 members of the wider public to the Temple. Visitors will be able to visit the Temple Church and the Halls, Treasury buildings, Libraries and Gardens of both Inns, accompanied by volunteer and professional guides. A number of sets of Chambers, some with significant historical connections, will also be open to visitors, and both Education and Training teams will be running a full schedule of events at the Royal Courts of Justice.

As well as being part of the Open House London architectural event, additional attractions will include:

.         Gardens: tours on offer plus dramatic family friendly performances by the Globe Theatre

.         Halls: luncheon in Inner Temple Hall, guided access to Middle Temple Hall

.         Church: musical offerings and talks on the Temple Church's role in Magna Carta and Temple's role in 'the Road to the Rule of Law'

.         Royal Courts of Justice: Advocacy training demonstrations and mock trials

.         Libraries: exhibitions of historical manuscripts and archives

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist in stage and promoting this unique event, to include:

Playing witnesses in the Royal Courts of Justice mock trials

.         As greeters at the entrances to the Temple and in the Royal Courts of Justice

.         As interior and exterior marshals

.         As tour guides and Temple experts- training available

.         We are also looking for Chambers to open their door over the weekend

This is your opportunity to help and promote your Inn.

If you can help, please download the volunteer form, or contact: Alice Pearson, Magna Carta Project Manager, Treasury Office, Inner Temple, Temple, London, EC4Y 7HL.