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The Sir Paul Jenkins Memorial Appeal

We at Middle Temple are remembering Paul on the 2nd anniversary of his death. Paul was a leading light at Middle Temple and to mark this anniversary we are raising funds for Middle Temple Scholarships. 

Paul always encouraged students from non-traditional backgrounds to consider a career as a barrister as he had enjoyed a celebrated career at the Bar and had received a Middle Temple Scholarship Award.

Donations given in memory of Paul have helped more students receive a grant and funded the Middle Temple Outreach Officer role. In 2019 Middle Temple gave Scholarship grants to 105 students and this year we have received a significant increase in applications for a grant.  

Paul helped to inspire students to aim high - he knew that like him anyone could have an amazing career in the law and a Scholarship grant could make the difference. 

We would like to support Paul's vision to 'build a better world' and raise a substantial amount for the Scholarship Fund in his memory. 

To donate please visit or email