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CANCELLED - Middle Temple Talent Retention Scheme Launch

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, the Inn has regrettably decided to cancel the Talent Retention Scheme on 24 March 2020. We would like to apologise sincerely to you for the inconvenience, and disappointment as we take on the necessary measures to combat the Covid-19 virus.

The Inn will also be cancelling or postponing all other internal events including Qualifying Sessions at least, until the end of March including the Amity Dinner on 18 March, the Treasurer's Lecture on 23 March, Private Guest Night on 26 March and Music Night on 31 March. Staff will be available to answer any queries that you may have by email or by telephone.

In March 2020, the Inn will launch its Talent Retention Scheme.

The purpose of the scheme is to provide support to Middle Temple barristers who are either returning from time out of practice (a “returner”) or switching practice areas (a “mover”).

The scheme is open to men and women, and all barristers, employed and self-employed.

Time out of practice may be for any reason including maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, caring responsibilities, health reasons, further study, time-out or to pursue other ventures. Movers could be changing discipline because they are excited about a new challenge or because their practice is not compatible with family or caring responsibilities, other commitments, or has become difficult to sustain for various reasons. For example criminal barristers moving to family or regulatory work; self-employed barristers becoming employed, or vice versa.

Supporting returners and movers is a concrete way of encouraging diversity, equality and inclusion. Returners and movers offer cognitive diversity and will bring different approaches, skills and experience to enrich the offer of the organisation that takes them on. Also, if chambers and employers compete to offer longevity of careers and, in particular, a horizon that goes beyond having children, health, study or other breaks, this will help recruit the best young barristers from the outset.

If you are a returner or a mover, contemplating an absence from practice, are interested in becoming a coach, or simply wish to support this scheme, please join us for the Talent Retention Scheme launch on Tuesday 24 March 2020 at 18:00 in the Prince's Room. We will have a fully constituted pilot panel at the launch. Please let Oliver Muncey know, via if you would like to join us at the launch.