Students and chambers asked to give views on Pupillage Gateway date change

Students, chambers and others involved in pupillage recruitment are being asked to give their views on the proposed Pupillage Gateway date change.

The Bar Council announced in July that it intended to change the recruitment window to between January and April, rather than between April and August.

The potential benefits in doing so would be pupillage applicants would know the outcome of their applications before they commit money to the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). This would also avoid clashes between academic exams and pupillage interviews, which may be discouraging students from making an application before they start the BPTC course.

However, due to concerns raised by pupillage providers about the possible implications on their recruitment process, these plans were put on hold.

The Bar Council is therefore encouraging feedback to determine whether to move the Gateway timetable as proposed. For those wishing to express an opinion, a survey is available until Friday 11 December 2015.