Middle Temple Library tours to begin in September

Middle Temple Library is offering tours of 30 minutes on the following days and times. You can simply show up on the day, or you can register at the Enquiry Desk, by email: library@middletemple.org.uk or by phone: 020 7427 4830. If you would prefer to book a different date or time just let us know.

All attendees will be entered into a prize draw for your choice of a bottle of champagne OR a gift certificate.

Mon 14th Sept : 11am, 3pm

Tue 15th Sept: 2pm, 4pm

Wed 16th Sept: 11am, 3pm

Thu 17th Sept: 2pm, 4pm

Fri 18th Sept: 11am, 3pm

Mon 21nd Sept: 4pm, 4:30pm, 5pm  

Tue 22rd Sept: 3pm

Wed 23th Sept: 11pm, 4pm   

Thu 24th Sept: 3pm

Fri 25th Sept: 11am, 4pm

Mon 28th Sept: 2pm, 6pm

Tue 29th Sept: 11am, 3pm 

Wed 30th Sept: 2pm, 6pm

Thu 1st Oct: 11am, 3pm     

Fri 2nd Oct: 2pm, 6pm